LAFAYETTE GRINDING engineers have designed and built specialized metal finishing machinery to grind knives to the highest industry standards. As a result, our knives require less frequent sharpening, provide a longer tool life, and consistantly make high quality cuts. You won't find a better knife out there!

Lafayette Grinding Knives offer:
  • Less Wobble in Circular Knife
  • Less Frequent Sharpening
  • Extended Knife Life

If you can get a better knife than ours for the same price we will take the knife back!

  • Same day or overnight sharpening service.
  • 3 month trial offer, if not satisfied we will take it back at no cost.
  • We've never lost a Knife customer.

Lafayette knives are often used on wood, textiles, rubber, leather, food, packaging, pulp & paper, printing, foam, glass, tobacco and more.




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