We've Split the Industry Standard...
and Have Terminated the Circular Knife Wobble.

Then Now
12"=.006 wobble 12"=.002 wobble
15"=.0075 wobble 15"=.003 wobble
18"=.009 wobble 18"=.004 wobble

Wobble has been the main culprit in circular knife performance causing manufacturers to substantially lower hardness. Lower hardness means frequent sharpening, inferior tool life, poor quality cuts, and most importantly, higher costs.

Lafayette Grinding engineers have designed and built specialized metal finishing machinery to grind knives to the highest of industry standards. Our knives are superior to others in fleshing, carving, skinning, and provide easy access into tight areas for proper meat and tissue removal. You won't find a better knife out there!

Circular Knife, Unfinished Edge

Circular Knife, Finished Edge

AutoCAD Drawing of Circular Blade

Finished Product


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