Lafayette engineers have designed and built specialized metal finishing machinery to grind 60 R/C knives to our new standards. Highest quality fully guaranteed for a straight and more precision edge.

Lafayette prides itself on designing customized tooling for cutting applications of all kinds. This expertise assures optimum cutting and long life performance. As your tooling partners, we will become educated with your business so we can make the most efficient, cost-effective recommendations to meet your needs.

Our manufacturing processes ensure quality and tolerances that can mean the difference between profit and loss for industries dealing with Metal Processing Textiles, Wood Processing, Paper, Rubber & Plastics, Food Processing and other special machinery tooling.

Re-sharpening slitting machine blades, knives, shear blades and bending dies up to 16' long.

Special overnight delivery. Guaranteed fast turnaround.

Re-sharpening shear blades up to 16' long.
We Can Sharpen Your Brake Dies Within 24 Hours. Send Us Your RFQ'S

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Lafayette Grinding LLC.
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